What The Heck Is A Pivot Table And What Can It Do For Me?

Being organized means having the ability to find your information quickly, and to be able to analyze it in meaningful ways to your business in real time.

Having never taken a “course” in Excel, I still think of myself as a superuser.  My tutelage has been through necessity as an admin and business analyst, and I have used the program for over 15 years.

You can use Excel to do just about everything; from organizing your contacts, forecasting and graphing sales, to having all of your photographs listed and linked in a single location!   Excel is also useful for uploading information into other programs (Vertical Response, Constant Contact, SalesForce, Outlook, QuickBooks, etc.) so it is wise to keep all of your data in a single source.

A Pivot Table is a fabulous Excel filtering tool which allows you to slice up data in your spreadsheet in a dynamic format.   Say you just want to see the listing of clients who’s contracts expire in March, 2013, or you want to find out how many sales of photo albums you made in 2010 to Realtors located in Alpharetta; you can filter through your data in seconds rather than sorting the entire listing.  You can also have multiple tables to view information as you need it and then graph that data with a couple of clicks.   Any updates you make to the data in your spreadsheet are also automatically updated to your graphs and tables.

Since it’s not very practical to explain how to create a Pivot table in text format, click on the picture below to go to YouTube to see the video covering the basics of Pivot Tables.

2-5-2013 5-41-40 PM

Happy Filtering!

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