When’s your most productive time, early morning or after dinner? Do you listen to music while working? Does working out in the morning increase your mindset for the day?

Here are some online applications to get you more productive and working more efficiently for the New Year. Note that not all are free.


Social Media and Web Tools:

Kippt – using lots of services and apps? No problem. Sync your favorite bookmarked links from other services to Kippt and make them searchable. You simply share them as public streams and engage in an amazing feed of content in return.

Zootool –another bookmarking tool. Organize and share your favorite images, videos, documents and links from all over the web. Super easy and visual.

Slice – if you make a lot of online purchases (business and personal), this will be a handy way keep track of your receipts. You can also receive notifications so you know when a package is set to hit your door, receive price alerts to save you money, plus more.

IFTTT (If This, Then That)– really cool program that automates all sorts of tasks across the web and even offline. An example would be if someone posts to your Facebook account, you receive a text message; or Post a Picture Tweet every time I add a photo to Instagram.

Gabi – makes Facebook easier to read. Instead of displaying everything, it only shows you the best (pictures with the most likes, statuses with the most engagement, etc.)

RebelMouse – All your social media activity can be viewed on a single URL which will allow your followers to see everything on a single page – wow!


Personal/Business Organization and Timesavers:

Trello – lets you organize anything easily, from life goals and to-do lists to group projects. Add images, checklists, due dates, attachments, etc.

Pipedrive – an amazing tool to keep track of sales, moving you along a pipeline to close those deals.

TextExpander – Save text snippets and have them expand as you type certain words (similar to using macros). Very simple and will save you a lot of time if you type the same content or frequently.

Clear – if your life is one big mess of Post-Its and scraps of paper, this super simple list app might be just what you need.

Astrid – available for iphone and android, this provides a really easy way to keep on top of all you have to do, and share it with your family and co-workers if you want.

WorkFlowy – another great “to-do” list app that is taking on steam. Everything is part of a single giant list and then each item can have sub-lists under it, and each of those sub-items can have their own nested lists, and so on. You don’t have to open a page for each new category, and it’s great for collaborating with others.

Prismatic – use it on your computer or iPhone. This tool learns the subjects you like, and then gathers articles from your social streams all in one place.

Instapaper – don’t have time to read an article right now? This tool will allow you to easily save it so you can read it later. This way, you won’t just forget about, misfile it, or skim through.


Record those Lightbulb moments:

MindMeister – a really amazing solution to help you to brainstorm your most important tasks and capture them as mind maps.

Dragon Dictation – do you think better while speaking things out, but can’t write them down fast enough? Here’s an awesome app that does it for you. Simply record your voice and receive it back as transcribed text.


Small Business Customer Support:

HelpScout – do you have more than one person handling CS? HelpScout provides a shared inbox, where you can reply to emails easily as a team.

SupportBee – similar to HelpScout, this simple email support tool comes with custom snippets and lots of options to add data about your customers.

Skitch – is a screenshot tool from Evernote that is very and lets you make annotated screen captures on the spot and send to your users. It definitely helps explain solutions better visually. Now how to send this file to your customer?

Cloudapp – use this with Skitch. Drag any “skitch’d” page onto Cloudapp to have screenshots with links available in seconds. But what if your customer still doesn’t get it?

UserSnap –combining Cloudapp and Skitch, this tool lets your users send you screenshots (and vice versa) without having to install any tools.

Olark – provides live chat availability on your site and ranges from $15-$250/month depending upon the # of operators. – This is an amazing all in one customer support app. It helps you connect with your customers wherever you might be.


Fitness and Health: A healthy body will definitely increase your efficiency and productivity. Plus, you’ll look hot!

RunKeeper – with GPS tracking for route and pace measurement, you can easily tracking your workouts, measure your progress and improve the quality of your fitness.

Nike+ FuelBand – set personal goals, access coaching tips, find and share routes, challenge friends and tell the world how you’re doing – track all your activity and compare results over time. It’s a bit pricey for the fuel band, but if you’re seriously motivated, this may push you further.

Couch to 5k – a simple running plan to get new runners off the couch and running 3 miles in just two months. Each session takes about 30 minutes, three times a week, which is recommended by numerous studies for optimum fitness!

Nexercise – an iPhone app that uses games and social media to make fitness more fun and rewarding. Measure your workouts to earn virtual medals and rewards as you go. The more you work out, the more likely you are to earn a Nexercise grand prize.

Habit List – Habits are powerful because you just do them. For some people it might only take 15 days to become a habit, for others it might take 6 months. If you want to hit the gym three times a week, this app can keep you motivated.

Sound Sleeping – definitely not for working hours, but a good night’s sleep will make you more productive. If you like to fall asleep to music, this will help you relax and fall asleep faster.


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