Are You An Expert? Communicate Directly With Journalists For Free!

ProfNet Connect provides real-time interaction for experts, journamicrophone2lists, bloggers and other communications professionals. This proactive approach to media relations puts you, the expert, in front of the tens of thousands of journalists registered with PR Newswire for Journalists, where their searches can take them directly to your profile.

In addition to strengthening ties with traditional media, ProfNet Connect can help you expand your visibility to new audiences, including academic researchers, consumers, event planners and more.

Engage with key influencers on today’s hottest topics via blogs, live chat, forums, comments and more. Access the latest media buzz to help you adjust your media pitches for a higher degree of relevancy and increased media pick-up.

With ProfNet Connect, you can post extensive expert profiles, including video, photos and other files such as white papers, which are then instantly available to the media and indexed by all major search engines. Increase your expert visibility by tagging your profile with keywords that influencers are likely to search for, making it even easier for the media to find the sources they need.

The best part is, it’s FREE! Click here to learn more.

ProfNet Queries
ProfNet sends daily media opportunities, called queries, from journalists, authors and non-journalist professionals (e.g. meeting planners, bloggers, academic and corporate researchers, and publishers) directly to you. Organized by industry or subject, queries are sent to you by e-mail. You review journalists’ requests with detailed topic and contact information and respond when there’s a fit. It’s a highly interactive and efficient way to gain visibility for your small business and experts, monitor the interests of thousands of news organizations and cultivate new media relationships.

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