Are You Ready For Cloud Computing

The following repost is by the courtesy of Bill Abroms, CEO of ABC U.S., Inc.


The typical business executive needs to make sure that every one of their employees has a computer and the correct software on that computer to do their job proficiently. When new employees are hired, you have to make sure that each of the new employees has a computer to use with the correct software on it. Sometimes this means purchasing new software, and other times it means checking current software to make sure you can add more employees to it.

However, with recent technological changes there is a better way of doing this. Cloud computing has the capability of changing the computer industry as we know it. With cloud computing your computer or mobile device will no longer carry the primary workload of running applications. Much of the workload is shifted to a network of computers, which make up the cloud computing system.

The Benefits of using a Cloud Computing System

1.  Cloud comcloud pcputing reduces costs – When you purchase a cloud computing system you are allowed to pay in increments. This makes it more affordable and easier than paying for expensive software in one lump sum.

2.  Provides more storage – Businesses and organizations can transfer much of their computer and mobile data storage onto their cloud computing system. This helps reduce the amount of computer and mobile data storage, which is actually stored on your computer or mobile device itself. Having less computer and mobile data storage taking up space on your computers, phones, or tablets means that they will run faster and have less technical glitches.
3.  Extremely Automated – Cloud computing systems work almost completely on their own. This means that you IT department will not have to worry about updating software on a regular basis.
4.  Can be accessed anywhere – The information stored on a cloud computing system can be accessed anywhere. Just like your employees can access their personal emails from anywhere, that has an internet connection; any information that is stored on the cloud computing system can be easily accessed from anywhere with internet service. You and your employees will be able to access information from laptops, smart phones, personal computers etc.
5.  Shifts the focus of the company – One of the great benefits of using a cloud computing system is that your company and employees will have less server problems, server updates, and other technical issues. This allows employees to focus their attention on innovative new ideas, and ways to improve the company. Less time spent on technical issues and problems, also means employees can focus on doing their jobs.

Why Implement a Cloud Computing System?

The overall cost of a cloud computing system is far less expensive than the cost of computers and software. Government and healthcare organizations will see even more savings in the IT department, because there will no longer be a need for constant system updates.

With a cloud computing system, you can securely store important and confidential information in a way that is easy to access when it is needed. The system will free up much of your computer and mobile data storage space, because it data won’t be stored directly onto your computer or mobile devices. This is similar to how Gmail or Yahoo emails work. The information is not stored directly on your computer or phone, but rather it is stored online for you to access anytime you need it. While using a cloud computing system government and healthcare organizations can focus on the issues they are supposed to be working on, since you won’t have the technical issues such as server updates and errors that may have previously postponed work.

Another benefit of using a cloud computing system rather than traditional software, is that it frees up room on the hard drives of computers and mobile devices. When computer and mobile data storage space is reduced, they run better and have less technical issues.

Technology is taking a huge step forward and there is no doubt that government, medical organizations, and companies will benefit greatly from cloud computing systems.


ABC-US is an independent reseller of custom-configurable and portable data security solutions, and was founded in 1987.

ABC-US, Inc.:   4989 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 200, Norcross, Georgia 30092

Voice: 800-275-1359 or  770.448.5667

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