Excel – VLookUp Formulas

Happy Saturday!   I thought I’d follow up to the Excel Pivot Table lesson, with a lesson on how to use VLookUp formulas.

VLookUps help you find specific information that has been stored in a table of data in a spreadsheet.   I think it might be harder to explain what it is than to just show you!   These formulas are very useful and, as you’ll see, very easy to use.

Please be sure to let me know if there are other Excel lessons that you’d like to see.  I am a self-professed Excel nerd; I love it.  I even have all of my recipes in Excel with hyperlinks, so that I can pull up the scanned document containing the recipe (usually torn from a magazine).  I have them sorted by type (American, Chinese, etc.), then by main ingredient, if it’s for a party or comfort food or the slow cooker, and if I’ve tried it and liked it!   I have over 800 recipes, so if you’re looking for something in particular, let me know! (-:

Best wishes,

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