Great No-Cost Marketing Resources

FREETonight we’ll be springing forward!  You’ll be changing your clocks ahead one hour in preparation for Spring and all the extra activities associated with the season.  Now’s also the time to step up your business’ performance as well.

Here are some great “free” (my favorite word) ways to get in front of your clients.

Mail Chimp:   If you have the burning desire to send out a Newsletter or Email Campaign, but are short on cash, this could be your solution.    Mail Chimp is a no-frills way to send out email campaigns to up to 2,000 subscribers, and up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely free. There’s no expiring trial, contract, or credit card required.  You can connect your campaigns with Twitter and Facebook.  They do brand your emails and newsletters though, and you would have to pay for a subscription to remove this branding.   Personally, I love Vertical Response – it is definitely worth checking them out if you have under 500 contacts in your database.

Word Press:  You can have your own blog for free through (of course if you’re reading this in my blog – you’re already aware of this!).   As with Mail Chimp, the free version is branded with the WordPress name, meaning that your blog site would be “”.  You are also limited to 3 GB of storage space on their site; this means that you can only store that amount of pictures or media to use in your blogs (there are ways around that though).   Word Press also links in with Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.  You also don’t have to be limited to your own blog; offer to guest blog for others – either industry related, or just a blog that you already love.   It’s a great way to network with others as well.

Survey Monkey:  Who doesn’t love a survey?  Survey Monkey offers a free version does not include any branding, but you can receive a link to include in any type of communication that you can dress up with your branding.   Surveying is a great way for you to get feedback from your clients.  Remember though, that if you conduct a serious survey and your clients are going to take the time to complete it, be sure to follow up.   As an employee at companies in the past, there’s nothing worse than a survey being sent and not seeing any action taken as a result.

Surveys can be fun as well!  Why not survey your Facebook fans on something related to your business or totally off the wall?  It’s a great way to generate interest, and a good survey can get you a lot of hits.  How many of you have seen those Facebook questions encouraging you to comment with something like, “I bet you can’t name a band that does have the letter ‘A’ in it”?   They get  thousands of responses!!  The key is to be creative!

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