Real Estate Agents – You NEED a CRM System!

If you don’t have the advantage of Leadstreet or other in-house provided CRM system, you really should invest in one oCRMn your own.   While searching for a solution for a client of mine, I ran across iXact.   No, I don’t have an affiliate program with them – wish I did, but I was really impressed with the services offered through this single program.

It’s around $40/month, and includes:

  • Marketing campaigns: drip, no-touch monthly newsletters (content provided) and the ability for you to send your own email campaigns ad-hoc (no need for Constant Contact, Vertical Marketing, etc.).
  • Calendar and task lists
  • Retains profiles on all your prospects, referrals and clients
  • Tracks your sales
  • Account sharing for teams

It’s a web-based solution, so it’s accessible from any internet connection.  All of the data is easily synced smartphone, and the system is also Mac OS compatible, so it can also be used on your iPad.  More important, it’s designed to support REALTORS® and their specific needs.

You need to be tracking your sales throughout your career.  How powerful is it say that, “I helped over ### families, and closed over $$$ Million in Sales” to your next prospect.   If you don’t know these figures, you’re losing out.

You also need to be keeping in touch with your clients at least once a month.   Timing is everything, and if they can’t remember your name when they have a need you’re also losing out.

Happy Selling,

Lora Zibman, Southeastern Admin | 770-609-0904

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