Southeastern Admin Has Pinvolved!

By now everyone’s heard of Pinterest, but did you know that you can now Pinterestivize (just made this word up) your Facebook Page?  Since you could not “pin” a Facebook posting before, this is really a pretty nifty application that you can download and then allow your fans to view your Pinterest page right from Facebook, and view your Facebook page in the Pinterest format.

You can see the difference in the screenshots below, or check out my Facebook page (and don’t forget to Like my page while you’re there), and then click on the Pinvolve button (bottom right).


Now check out the difference:


To use Pinvolve, you have to first be logged into Facebook as one of the page’s admins before installing the app. Once up-and-running, Pinvolve creates a new section on your Facebook page which presents all your photo posts in a Pinterest-like fashion – that is, in the typical image pinboard style that’s now associated with the popular social networking service.

The app also pulls in the Facebook likes and comments associated with each post, as well as the comments’ text. If a post has a lot of comments, however, only the first few will be listed on the main Pinvolve page, with a link to the rest provided below. When clicked, that link will take you to the photo’s page on Facebook.

It’s more than redisplaying Facebook content with the Pinterest look, it also provides tools that let you and the page’s fans reshare posts on Pinterest. When you hover over an image on the Pinvolve pinboard, Pinterest’s “Pin it” button appears. Clicking this will then re-post that content to Pinterest itself.

Happy Pinning!

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