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How to Invite Your Friends to LIKE Your Facebook Business Page

Have a large number of friends on your personal page, and would like to invite them to your new Facebook Business Page?

It’s easy to do; just follow these steps:

1.       Log into your own personal Facebook page

2.      In the “Search for people, places and things” Section, and type in the name of your Facebook Business Page

FB Search

3.      Once you find your FB Business page, click on it to see that page.   In the screen shot below, you will see that I am logged in under my personal page (see the icon showing “Lora”, but I am viewing “Southeastern Admin’s” page).

4.      Now, You will see the “Invite Friends” block (bottom right of this screenshot).

FB Friends 2

5.      You will have to manually click “INVITE” next to each person’s name, but that should help you get more likes on your business FB page.

This is a great alternative if you do not have a list of everyone’s email addresses.

Happy posting!


Lora Zibman

Southeastern Admin  |   |  770-609-0904



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