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Southeastern Admin has over 20 years of secretarial and administrative experience at the executive level, and has supported individuals, successful start-ups as well as large corporations. Some of these organizations include: Agilent Technologies, GE Capital, Better World Books, SmartForce, Baker & McKenzie, RE/MAX and ITR Petroleum.

This experience is well-rounded, and ranges from general office management, including procurement for everything in your office from inception to product pricing comparison; real estate support; sales and marketing administration; social media set up and administration (Facebook to blogging); event and worldwide travel planning; general legal secretarial services; to accounting and budgeting administration.

This experience also helps us to be able to make suggestions and recommendations to our clients that might be able to help them become more efficient in their business. Southeastern Admin is a small business, and we understand the cost and resource constraints that small businesses face each day.

Consistent Support and Cost Savings

Unlike the typical “temp” agency, companies and individuals will receive support from the same representative, who is not distracted by looking for a full-time position with benefits.

Training on projects will only need to be done once, and then your virtual assistant will be able to help you when you need it, on your schedule. Your assistant will know your business, and may be able to make recommendations on systems or processes based on past experience.

Southeastern Admin charges a flat hourly rate, with no minimum time for virtual assistance. This means that if a project takes only 15 minutes, you are billed for only 15 minutes. We provide a detailed project report, documenting the exact time spent working on the each project which you can review at any time. We offer our clients the flexibility to budget their projects, whether they want updates hourly or daily.

Southeastern Admin has also invested in the right tools to provide you the quality support that you expect.

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Now, the big question…. What can we do for you?

When you think of a secretary, these are probably the first things you think about:

Manage Your Calendar:  This can be easy or complex.  Do you have recurring meetings?

Do you need to block out time for study/work/writing projects?

Scheduling:  Appointments with your clients for reviews (do you do annual reviews? do you know when those need to occur?).  Schedule and create web-based presentations for your prospects and current clients.

Event Planning: On or offsite event planning. Have you thought about the venue; music; registration, signage; RSVP/ invitations; internet connection; power cords; A/V for presentations; cell phone coverage; catering; microphone; handouts; and how are you going to follow up?

Domestic and International Travel:  Handling all the travel details, but also providing a detailed agenda for all segments of your travel (where to get the taxi, train schedules, maps showing the driving or walking directions, how long to expect the drive to the client to take, expected weather conditions).


We offer so many other Services as well:

Organization Services: Can you find what you need when you need it? Being disorganized wastes both time and money.  We can be available on site in the North-metro Atlanta area to get you organized and suggest systems to keep you organized.  We can also scan all of your files, hyperlink them in a master document so everything’s at your fingertips, attach receipts directly into QuickBooks or your expense reports and so much more. Do you really need all that paper anyway?

Real Estate Agent Support: Realtors have so much to do!   Here are just some of the ways we can help you:

  • Create Customer Surveys
  • Send out eNewsletters with original content, or manage your current service
  • Manage your Facebook and Blog with Original Content
  • Text To Riders with ePropertySites
  • Enhance your listings
  • Home Feedback maintenance – Showing Suite
  • Create Virtual Tours with VisualTour
  • Record your Hotline Scripts
  • Manage your SendOutCards campaigns
  • Write your Press Releases

Marketing and Social Media: Effective communication is the name of the game. We can assist you by handling your Vertical Response, iContact, Constant Contact, or SendOutCards administration: list maintenance, setting up your account, and assisting with the design.  When is the last time you sent out a Newsletter to your clients?  Do you have a Facebook page?  Need a Blog?  All these things assist in client retention, and we all know that it requires less effort to retain a client, than to recruit a new one.

Process Flow/Documentation:  Are you doing your work in the most time-effective manner? Creating process flow charts can show areas of redundancy or weakness in your processes. It’s always helpful to document processes to make sure that they are done in a consistent manner, ensuring that nothing gets dropped, and duties are easily shifted to other employees if necessary.

Client Follow Up:  Do you take the time to follow up with your clients after a project?  Do you contact them on a regular basis to see how your ongoing service is being perceived, and to let them know of new products/services you offer?  We can help you stay in touch with your clients on a consistent basis, and let them know that you appreciate their business.

Logistics:  Do you have a multitude of customer sites that you must schedule to visit?  We can help you track which clients you need to see, schedule the visits with your clients, choose the best routes to save you time, create your itinerary, and assist with any follow up communication.

Tracking:  The cornerstone for any organization is tracking (Plan, Implement, Measure, Reflect).  How can you plan if you don’t measure and track data? Do you know when your customer’s contracts are expiring? Are you preparing well ahead of that time to keep their business?

Research Projects: Do you need to get a good understanding of a new technology or business methodology?  Do you need to understand a certain segment of your market better (who are your competitors – and what are they doing better than you)?

New Office Set Up and Service/Product Identification:  Are you opening a new office, need a new phone system, copier, printing supplier? We can do the research for you to compare products and services so that you make the right choice.

PowerPoint Creation: In addition to Word, Excel, Publisher and Visio, we can create the right presentation for your next big (or small) meeting. Make your points effectively and with the proper animation to keep your audience’s attention.

How-To Guides: Are you explaining the same process over and over again? Save time and create a document to explain the process. We can help you create a step-by-step document that will show the entire process, whether this is recording your movements on the internet or providing screenshots.

Personal Assistant Services:  These services might include scheduling your doctor visits; arranging family travel and vacations; organizing your office; find a vendor for home improvements or repairs; handle all the details for your next dinner party or family reunion; handle your personal shopping – the list goes on…

Notary Services

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